Everything you need to know about the invisible e-mail tool that #tracks you

Is it true that an app called #Superhuman lets me spy on people using email? That’s what we heard, too: When you sent an email using this $30-a-month invite-only app, it automatically tracked every time a recipient looks at that email, and even showed you their location. That’s because it uses hidden pixel trackers, according […]

#Argentina: Faulty reprogramming caused 3-nation blackout — #ABC News

#Argentina’s energy secretary says improper reprogramming of the electricity system following installation of a bypass on a major transmission line caused the power outage that left tens of millions of people in three nations without power Source: Argentina: Faulty reprogramming caused 3-nation blackout — ABC News

#Outlook Flaw Exploited by #Iranian #APT33, #US #CyberCom Issues Alert

#US Cyber Command issued a malware alert on #Twitter regarding the active exploitation of the CVE-2017-11774 #Outlook vulnerability to attack US government agencies, allowing the attackers to execute arbitrary commands on compromised systems. […] Source: Outlook Flaw Exploited by Iranian APT33, US CyberCom Issues Alert

#US #Marine Corps Helping Turn San Diego Into a Massive #Chinese Style #Surveillance “Smart City”

Earlier this year, I warned people that the city of San Diego had been turned into a massive Chinese-Style public #surveillance network, complete with facial recognition, spying streetlights, license plate readers and a police-run public watchlisting network. But what I failed to mention is who is really behind it.A disturbing news release from the City […]

Internet outages are getting more serious

The Interface will be off Thursday for the 4th of July holiday. #Facebook spent the last day before a long weekend like so many of us, abruptly shutting down without its boss’ permission without any regard for its coworkers. Jake Kastrenakes reports: Facebook has had problems loading images, videos, and other data across its apps […]

D-Link Agrees to 10 Years of Security Audits to Settle #FTC Charges

#Taiwanese networking equipment manufacturer D-Link has agreed to implement a “comprehensive software security program” in order to settle a Federal Trade Commission #FTC lawsuit alleging that the company didn’t take adequate steps to protect its consumers from hackers. Your wireless router is the first line of defense against potential threats on the Internet. However, sadly, […]

#Amazon Admits #Alexa Voice Recordings Saved Indefinitely

#Amazon’s acknowledgment that it saves #Alexa voice recordings – even sometimes after consumers manually delete their interaction history – has thrust voice assistant privacy policies into the spotlight once again. Original enclosures: Source: Amazon Admits Alexa Voice Recordings Saved Indefinitely

17-Year-Old Weakness in #Firefox Let #HTML File Steal Other Files From the Device

Except for #phishing and scams, downloading an #HTML attachment and opening it locally on your browser was never considered as a severe threat until a security researcher today demonstrated a technique that could allow attackers to steal files stored on a victim’s computer. Barak Tawily, an application security researcher, shared his findings with The Hacker […]

#DownDetector down as another #Cloudflare outage affects services across the web

A second #Cloudflare outage in two weeks has taken multiple sites and services down, including #Discord, #OKCupid, #Peloton, #Feedly, and #CoinDesk. Affected apps and websites were either unable to properly load or showed a “502 Gateway Error.” Ironically, even the site DownDetector, which is commonly used to check web service disruptions, was affected. Cloudflare CEO […]

#Cloudflare outage knocks out major sites and services, including #Discord

Cloud computing company #Cloudflare experienced a worldwide outage Tuesday morning, bringing down dozens of popular sites and services, including #Discord. The outage was resolved in about 30 minutes, the company said, though there might still be lingering issues. Original enclosures: Source: Cloudflare outage knocks out major sites and services, including Discord