Boost Mobile Says Hackers Broke into Customer Accounts

#Boost Mobile is informing customers of a data breach nearly 2 months after it happened. “ experienced unauthorized online account activity in which an unauthorized person accessed your account through your Boost phone number and PIN code,” said the notification. “The Boost Mobile fraud team discovered the incident and was able to implement a permanent solution to prevent similar unauthorized account activity,” #TechCrunch reports: It’s not known exactly how the hackers obtained customer PINs — or how many Boost customers are affected. The company also notified the California attorney general, which companies are required to do if more than 500 people in the state are affected by the same security incident. Boost Mobile reportedly had 15M customers in 2018. The hackers used those phone numbers and account PINs to break into customer accounts using the company’s website, said the notification. These codes can be used to alter account settings. Hackers can automate account logins using lists of exposed usernames and passwords — or in this case phone numbers and PIN codes — in what’s known as a credential stuffing attack. Boost said it has sent to affected customers a text with a temporary PIN. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Source: Boost Mobile Says Hackers Broke into Customer Accounts