Researchers Demonstrate How #US Emergency Alert System Can Be Hijacked and Weaponized

In January 2018, an emergency alert sent to local phones informed Hawaii residents of an impending nuclear ballistic missile attack, triggering some understandable panic. Needless to say, the attack wasn’t real, and a subsequent investigation found that the bogus alert was the result of little more than a clerical error. But the event prompted researchers […]

You should cover your phone’s selfie cam, too

Take a look at your smartphone. Perhaps you’re reading this story on it, and the device is planted firmly in your hands. Maybe you’re on your laptop, and your phone is resting face up on your desk. Now, focus your attention on the phone’s selfie camera. Try to imagine what’s in its field of view.  […]

#BGP Route Leak Causes #Cloudflare and #Amazon #AWS Problems

#Cloudflare is currently suffering an outage this morning that is affecting web sites around the world. This outage is not affecting all regions and only certain domains, including #BleepingComputer, so some of you will be able to see this article and others won’t until the issue is resolved. […] Source: BGP Route Leak Causes Cloudflare […]

#Hackers steal call records from cell providers in ‘massive-scale’ espionage

Hackers have stolen call records from over 10 cell providers worldwide as part of a “massive-scale” espionage attempt against at least 20 individuals, #TechCrunch reports. The attack has been dubbed “Operation Softcell” by #Cybereason, the security research firm that discovered it. It’s sophisticated enough that the firm believes there’s a “very high probability” it’s state-backed. […]

#US Considers Requiring #5G Equipment for Domestic Use Be Made Outside #China

A technician installs a multiple input and output radio antenna combo for #4G and #5G, manufactured by #Nokia, in New York, on June 11. #US officials are asking telecom gear makers whether they can make U.S.-bound hardware and software outside of China. The #Trump administration is examining whether to require that next-generation 5G cellular equipment […]

#Congress Fails to Rein in Warrantless #Surveillance. Again

WASHINGTON (June 20, 2019) – Congress once again refused to limit warrantless spying by the #NSA and other federal agencies.Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) proposed an amendment to an appropriations bill that would have effectively prohibited the warrantless collection of data from Americans under Sec. 702 of the Foreign Service Intelligence […]

New York Assembly Passes Bill to Ban Facial Recognition in Schools

ALBANY, N.Y. (June 20, 2019) – Today, the New York Assembly passed a bill that would ban facial recognition technology in the state’s schools. The proposed law would not only help protect privacy in New York, but it would also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state.Assm. Monica Wallace (D-Lancaster)  introduced Assembly Bill 6787 (A6787) in […]

#OpenSSH to Keep Private Keys Encrypted at Rest in RAM

While this precaution is not a complete solution against hardware attacks, it does make it harder for an attacker to achieve success. […] Source: OpenSSH to Keep Private Keys Encrypted at Rest in RAM

#US Government Warns of Data Wipers Used in #Iranian Cyberattacks

According to a statement by the #US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, an increase in cyberattacks utilizing destructive wiper tools has been detected targeting U.S. industries and government agencies by #Iranian actors or proxies. […] Source: U.S. Government Warns of Data Wipers Used in Iranian Cyberattacks

#LTE flaws let hackers ‘easily’ spoof presidential alerts

Security vulnerabilities in #LTE can allow hackers to “easily” spoof presidential alerts sent to mobile phones in the event of a national emergency. Using off-the-shelf equipment and open-source software, a working exploit made it possible to send a simulated alert to every phone in a 50,000-seat football stadium with little effort, with the potential of […]